Boil notice lifted for thousands in Brixham: Are you still at risk?


In a significant development, South West Water has announced the lifting of the boil water notice for 14,500 households in the Alston supply area of Brixham, Devon. This comes as a relief to many, though approximately 2,500 properties in Hillhead, upper parts of Brixham, and Kingswear are still under advisory to boil their water due to ongoing concerns of cryptosporidium contamination.

Continued Vigilance Required

Despite the partial lifting of the boil water notice, the situation remains critical for many residents who are advised to continue boiling their drinking water. This precaution is crucial for water used for drinking, cooking, food preparation, and oral hygiene. South West Water has reiterated the importance of these measures as they work alongside the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and other authorities to monitor and manage the public health concern.

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Support Measures and Compensation

South West Water has been actively supporting affected residents by providing bottled water and ensuring that vulnerable individuals, care homes, schools, and hospitals receive direct water deliveries. In addition, the company has confirmed compensation for affected customers, with those still under the boil water notice scheduled to receive £215, recognizing the inconvenience and potential risk posed by the ongoing situation.

Boil Water Notice Lifted for Thousands in Brixham, Remains for Some Amid Cryptosporidium Concerns

Boil Water Notice Lifted for Thousands in Brixham, Remains for Some Amid Cryptosporidium Concerns

Authorities’ Response

The issue first came to light when the UKHSA confirmed investigating a series of cryptosporidium cases linked to the water supply. In response, the Drinking Water Inspectorate and local environmental agencies have been working closely with South West Water to address the contamination, ensure public safety, and restore confidence in the water supply system.

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This incident underscores the challenges and importance of maintaining robust water safety protocols, especially in areas susceptible to contamination risks. The swift response and ongoing support measures are vital in managing such public health concerns, and it is crucial for all stakeholders to remain vigilant until full safety is assured.

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