Bajaj Healthcare launches API of Black Fungus drug Posaconazole

Bajaj Healthcare Limited (BHL) has launched “Posaconazole API”, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of the triazole antifungal agent Posaconazole, used in the treatment of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) infection in patients with Covid-19.

The APIs, intermediates, and formulations manufacturer has secured approval from Food & Drug Control Administration (FDA) Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat (India) for manufacturing and marketing the Black Fungus medication in India.

The FDA Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat (India) has given permissions for Posaconazole API’s manufacturing and marketing in the domestic and also overseas markets.

Bajaj Healthcare will begin commercial production of Posaconazole API from early next month.

Bajaj Healthcare launches API of Black Fungus drug Posaconazole

Bajaj Healthcare launches API of Black Fungus drug Posaconazole. Image courtesy of visuals3Dde from Pixabay.

Anil Jain – Joint Managing Director of Bajaj Healthcare said: “We are pleased to add Posaconazole API to our growing product portfolios. The second waves of coronavirus is more aggressive and bigger in number than the first According to Doctors the fungal infection that has emerged during the second wave has been widely linked with excessive usage of steroids and uncontrolled diabetes in coronavirus positive patients.

“We hope the availability of an effective treatment such as Posaconazole will considerably ease the pressure and offer patients much needed and timely therapy option.”

Earlier this month, Bajaj Healthcare launched Favijaj tablets, the company’s generic version of favipiravir, which is Japan-based Fujifilm’s antiviral drug for the treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 patients.

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