Azenta expands global reach with new genomics laboratory in Oxford, UK


Azenta, Inc. (Nasdaq: AZTA) announced the grand opening of its new Genomics Laboratory in Oxford, UK, marking a significant expansion of its GENEWIZ Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions. This new facility aims to bring Azenta’s advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms closer to UK-based researchers, supported by a local team of top-tier scientists from Oxford.

Key Points

– New Genomics Laboratory: Azenta, Inc. opens a new Genomics Laboratory in Oxford, UK, expanding its global reach.

– Advanced NGS Technology: The facility offers state-of-the-art NGS platforms to UK researchers.

– Local Expertise: The Oxford team consists of leading scientists with deep roots in the local scientific community.

– Opening Event: The grand opening on April 25, 2024, included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, lab tour, and reception.

Azenta, Inc. opens a new Genomics Laboratory in Oxford, UK, expanding its GENEWIZ Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions.

Azenta, Inc. opens a new Genomics Laboratory in Oxford, UK, expanding its GENEWIZ Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions.

“We’re thrilled to open our Oxford laboratory, which allows us to bring state-of-the-art NGS technology to UK researchers,” said Dr. Ginger Zhou, President of Azenta’s Multiomics business unit. “This new facility not only strengthens our global footprint but also offers researchers access to local experts and cutting-edge resources. The Oxford team comprises some of the best minds in the field, all with deep roots in the local scientific community.”

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The opening event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a lab tour, and a celebratory reception with key stakeholders, including members of the local scientific community, distinguished guests, and Azenta executives.

Enhanced Support for UK Researchers

Dr. David Buck, Director of Lab Services Oxford, emphasized the importance of the new lab in supporting UK researchers. “This new lab represents our commitment to supporting UK researchers by delivering high-quality data faster, advancing research and development in critical fields such as diabetes, infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s, and more. We’re excited about the energy, engagement, and collaboration with the scientific community, and we look forward to contributing to their success.”

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Dr. John Todd, Professor of Precision Medicine at the University of Oxford, attended the opening event and highlighted the benefits of the new facility. “Having an amazing genomics facility like the one Azenta has opened at our doorstep allows us to work faster, achieving more in less time, with higher accuracy and for an effective cost. This helps us enhance discovery in medical research to patient benefit.”

The Oxford Genomics Laboratory offers a network of GENEWIZ collection points and free-of-charge, same-day dry ice sample collection in Oxford and Cambridge, streamlining the sample submission process for researchers. The lab provides comprehensive NGS services, including library preparation, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis with UK-based data storage, and soon-to-be available DNA/RNA extraction capabilities. These services are backed by experienced Ph.D.-level study managers who guide projects from conception to delivery.

Cutting-Edge NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ from Azenta is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge NGS platforms globally, enabling service users to stay at the forefront of scientific innovation. Some of these platforms include:

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– Illumina NovaSeq X Plus

– PacBio Revio

– Oxford Nanopore Technologies GridION

– PromethION 2 Solo

– 10x Genomics Chromium X

– Nanostring GeoMx & nCounter

– Olink Protein Biomarker Detection

The new laboratory in Oxford represents a strategic expansion for Azenta, enhancing its ability to support researchers with advanced genomic solutions and fostering scientific collaboration within the UK.

The establishment of Azenta’s new Genomics Laboratory in Oxford is a significant step forward in supporting the local scientific community. The facility’s state-of-the-art NGS platforms and the expertise of its local team are set to accelerate research and development in various critical fields. The streamlined sample submission process and comprehensive NGS services underscore Azenta’s commitment to advancing scientific innovation and collaboration.

As Azenta continues to expand its global reach, the Oxford laboratory is poised to become a vital hub for genomic research, offering UK researchers unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology and expert support.

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