Aviz Networks secures $10m to advance AI-driven networking solutions


Aviz Networks, a leader in open networking software for cloud-scale infrastructures serving telecom and enterprises, has marked a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. The company announced an impressive addition to its latest funding round, now reaching $10 million, with Cisco Investments joining alongside existing investors Moment Ventures, Accton, and Wistron. This influx of funds is set to accelerate customer momentum for Aviz’s multi-vendor, Generative AI (GenAI)-based networking stack, along with the adoption of SONiC-based open networking.

Aviz Networks is at the forefront of revolutionizing network management by integrating AI-driven features into its groundbreaking Networking 3.0 software stack. This innovation is designed to help organizations achieve the performance and cost benefits of hyperscale networks, simplifying complexities inherent in the process. The software stack not only supports the rapidly growing SONiC open-source network OS (NOS) but also thrives in multi-NOS environments, leveraging large-language-models (LLMs) to provide unmatched choice and capabilities.

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The company has experienced a significant upswing in its business, recording a 250% growth in revenues and over 30 global customer engagements, varying in size, over the past year. This impressive growth trajectory has been accompanied by an expansion in the number of customers, revenue, and operational headcount to cater to the growing demand across multiple geographies.

Aviz Networks Boosts Open Networking with $10M Funding, Featuring Cisco Investments

Aviz Networks Boosts Open Networking with $10M Funding, Featuring Cisco Investments

SONiC, an emerging entity in the cloud and data center networking space, is expected to reach a market value of $8 billion by 2027, as per insights from the communications industry analyst firm 650 Group. This underscores the growing importance and potential of open-source networking solutions in the technology landscape.

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Vishal Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO of Aviz Networks, expressed excitement over the closing of this latest funding round. “Our vision of delivering open, cloud & AI-enabled networks for all enterprises and telecoms has rapidly taken shape as we partner with customers and our vendor ecosystem,” said Shukla. He emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting and leveraging community SONiC and introducing innovations that enhance quality, reduce costs, and accelerate the deployment of open, cloud networks.

Accton’s CEO and President, Jun Shi, echoed the sentiment of collaboration and innovation. “Aviz Networks has been extremely successful this year in the multi-billion dollar open network market, where SONiC plays a significant role,” Shi stated, underscoring Accton’s pride in participating in this investment round alongside other global network leaders.

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Aleem Rizvon, Vice President of Cisco Investments, reinforced Cisco’s dedication to networking innovation. “By investing in innovative startups like Aviz, we are demonstrating our commitment to our partners and customers who value the open-source community,” Rizvon said.

William Lin, President of Enterprise & Networking B.G. at Wistron Corporation, highlighted the excitement and potential in Aviz Networks’ approach. “Wistron is participating in this investment round so that our companies can work closely together to deliver the right solutions and substantial cost savings to enterprises as driven with robust SONiC edge deployments,” said Lin.

Aviz Networks’ latest funding round marks a significant step in advancing AI-driven networking solutions, reflecting the company’s growing influence in the open networking and cloud-scale infrastructure sectors.

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