Altamira Therapeutics reports successful outcomes for Bentrio nasal spray in NASAR clinical trial


Altamira Therapeutics Ltd. (Nasdaq:CYTO), a leading innovator in RNA delivery technology for non-liver targets, has achieved significant milestones in its recent NASAR clinical trial for Bentrio nasal spray, used in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR). The trial’s highlights were notably published in video format on the social media channels of Allergy, a top-tier journal in the allergology field worldwide.

Effective Management of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

The NASAR trial, conducted during Australia’s allergy season, involved 100 participants who were randomized to use either Bentrio or a standard saline nasal spray—the usual drug-free treatment for SAR. Over two weeks, participants administered their respective treatments three times daily. The results were compelling, with Bentrio significantly reducing the mean daily reflective Total Nasal Symptom Score (rTNSS) compared to the saline control (p = 0.013). Additionally, secondary efficacy endpoints were met, including marked improvements in health-related quality of life (Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire, p < 0.001) and higher global ratings of efficacy by both patients and investigators (p < 0.001).

Discover the breakthrough results of Altamira Therapeutics' NASAR clinical trial for Bentrio nasal spray in treating seasonal allergic rhinitis, recently highlighted by the prestigious Allergy journal.

Discover the breakthrough results of Altamira Therapeutics’ NASAR clinical trial for Bentrio nasal spray in treating seasonal allergic rhinitis, recently highlighted by the prestigious Allergy journal.

Safety and Patient Response

Altamira Therapeutics reported that Bentrio was well-tolerated and showcased safety comparable to the saline controls. Notably, fewer patients treated with Bentrio resorted to relief medication, and many more enjoyed symptom-free days, enhancing daily comfort and quality of life for individuals with SAR.

Strategic Expansion and Market Growth

Thomas Meyer, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Altamira, expressed enthusiasm about the trial’s success and its broad recognition. “The dissemination of Bentrio’s clinical benefits through Allergy’s social media extends our reach and supports our mission to provide innovative, safe, and effective solutions for allergy sufferers globally,” said Meyer. Looking ahead, Altamira Medica AG, an associate of Altamira Therapeutics, anticipates significant sales growth beginning in 2024, driven by the planned expansion of Bentrio in new markets. The company is actively seeking partnerships for distribution across the US, Europe, and other key regions.

Future Prospects and Commitment to Innovation

With the successful completion of the NASAR trial and the upcoming global launch strategies, Altamira Therapeutics is poised to significantly impact the market for SAR treatments. The company continues to focus on pioneering developments in allergology and broader medical applications, aiming to improve the lives of patients worldwide through advanced, accessible medical solutions.

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