Alliant Energy powers Wisconsin’s future with Grant County Solar Project


Alliant Energy has successfully completed the Grant County Solar Project, a significant milestone in Wisconsin’s clean energy initiative. This 200-megawatt (MW) solar array located in Potosi, Wisconsin, boasts the capacity to power over 50,000 homes each year. It represents the culmination of a series of 12 utility-scale solar projects across the state, collectively generating 1,089 MW. This landmark achievement not only bolsters the state’s energy infrastructure but also supports nearly 300,000 homes with zero-fuel-cost solar energy annually.

Economic and Community Benefits

The project has catalyzed substantial economic growth, creating over 2,700 jobs during its execution. Lisa Barton, the president and CEO of Alliant Energy, emphasized the dual benefits of this initiative: enhancing customer value and supporting the environmental and economic vitality of local communities. The construction of the project itself, which began in September 2022, involved over 700 workers, underscoring the project’s role in boosting local employment and economic activity.

Dave Fritz, a local business owner and participating landowner, shared his firsthand experience of the project’s positive impact. “Solar lease payments help local landowners like me diversify our income and preserve our land’s value for the future,” Fritz noted, highlighting the enduring financial benefits for the community, including a projected $30 million in new shared revenue for Grant County and its towns over the project’s lifespan.

Strategic Partnerships and Environmental Consideration

Alliant Energy partnered with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC for the construction of the Grant County Solar Project. The project site, sprawling over 1,400 acres, incorporates more than 430,000 solar panels and dedicates nearly 350 acres to native pollinator habitats, enhancing biodiversity alongside energy production.

Anthony Pedroni, vice president of renewables and storage development at NextEra Energy Resources, pointed out, “This solar energy project reflects our shared commitment with Alliant Energy to deliver cost-effective clean energy solutions that benefit communities and the environment.”

Future Commitments and Innovations

Alliant Energy, already the largest owner and operator of solar energy generation in Wisconsin, is not resting on its laurels. The company plans to integrate approximately 275 MW of energy storage capacity to complement its renewable portfolio. This includes the 100-MW Grant County Battery Project, which will further stabilize and enhance energy distribution capabilities.

As part of its Clean Energy Blueprint, Alliant Energy is dedicated to diversifying its generation portfolio and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from its utility operations by 2050, marking a significant stride towards sustainable energy solutions.

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