Aga Khan University to deploy Meditech Expanse EHR system

The Aga Khan University (AKU), an international institution, will deploy US-based Meditech’s​ Expanse enterprise health record system (Expanse EHR system) for better patient outcomes and medical research in the developing world.

The Expanse EHR system will initially be launched at the university’s academic medical center and clinics in Nairobi and across Kenya in 2020 followed by Karachi, Pakistan; Kabul, Afghanistan and Kampala, Uganda.

Claimed to be the first comprehensive, integrated EHR to be deployed in East Africa, Expanse is expected to allow healthcare providers, researchers and patients access to health information.

Meditech Expanse EHR system Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University to use Meditech Expanse EHR system. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Firoz Rasul – president of Aga Khan University , commenting on the Expanse EHR system, said: “The benefits of integrated EHR will be particularly significant in the countries we serve.

“AKU serves 2.2 million patients annually. The access to an abundance of data will enable us to ask better questions and find better solutions to specific diseases and chronic issues in all the communities we serve.

“The information gained will be of value not only within our own healthcare system but also to the population of the region as a whole—and through our research, will inform health outcomes in related populations across the globe.”​

The Expanse EHR system will prevent medical errors, reduce readmissions, identify early warning signs, shorten hospital stay, and minimize costs.

Howard Messing – CEO, Meditech, commenting on the Expanse EHR system, said: “It is truly an honour to partner with Aga Khan University, and to align ourselves with their commitment to providing quality healthcare to underserved populations, as well as to their deeper mission of advancing education, culture, and overall quality of life for their communities.”

Installation of the Expanse EHR system will be a joint effort between Meditech and Meditech South Africa.

Aga Khan University offers programs on campuses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the UK. The university through seven hospitals and over 350 medical centers treats over two million patients each year.

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