Yerbaé Brands expands distribution with strategic partnerships to boost presence in U.S. markets


Yerbaé Brands Corp. (TSX-V: YERB.U; OTCQX: YERBF), a leading plant-based energy beverage company, has announced significant distribution partnerships with Ed F Davis Inc DFW, Maverick Distribution, and Standard Beverage Corporation. These strategic alliances aim to enhance Yerbaé’s distribution footprint across the United States, particularly targeting newly announced national retailers and regional customers with its 12 oz energy drink line.

Ed F Davis Inc DFW, a specialist in non-alcoholic beverage distribution, will focus on proliferating Yerbaé’s products within the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth market. Maverick Distribution will extend Yerbaé’s reach across Central and Eastern Nebraska and Central and Western Iowa. Standard Beverage Corporation will handle the distribution throughout Kansas, ensuring statewide coverage of Yerbaé’s innovative plant-based energy drinks.

Yerbaé’s new distribution partnerships are timed with the rollout of its latest 12 oz energy drink line, which includes flavors like Mango Passionfruit, Watermelon Strawberry, Black Cherry Pineapple, Raspberry Sorbet, and Peachy Mimosa Twist. These new offerings are designed to cater to the growing consumer demand for healthier beverage alternatives in the energy drink sector.

Seth Smith, Vice President of Sales at Yerbaé Plant-Based Energy, commented on the expansion, stating, “These collaborations represent an exciting opportunity for Yerbaé to expand our reach and make our newly launched 12 oz energy line accessible to consumers nationwide. With the support of our distribution partners and the incredible retailers that have authorized the products, we are confident in our ability to meet the growing demand and continue our mission of providing consumers with a healthier alternative in the energy drinks category.”

The strategic distribution partnerships are poised to significantly enhance Yerbaé’s market penetration and brand visibility across key U.S. regions. By aligning with well-established distributors, Yerbaé is well-positioned to capitalize on the expanding market for health-conscious energy beverages. This move not only broadens Yerbaé’s logistical capabilities but also enhances its competitive edge in the rapidly growing segment of plant-based energy solutions.

These new partnerships are expected to drive considerable growth for Yerbaé, enabling the company to meet the increasing consumer demand for healthier, plant-based beverages while continuing to innovate within the energy drink category. This strategic move underscores Yerbaé’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the competitive beverage industry, leveraging unique flavor profiles and health-oriented products to capture a significant share of the market.

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