Wipro, FEV open innovation lab for software defined vehicles

Wipro Limited has entered into a partnership with German engineering provider FEV for jointly developing and marketing solutions for software defined vehicles (SDV).

In this regard, the two companies have jointly established an innovation lab for developing automotive use cases, engineering a scalable software, electrical/electronic architecture, and also developing system features.

Dr. Thomas Hülshorst – Global Vice President Intelligent Mobility and Software FEV said: “We’re excited to work with Wipro and believe that this collaboration combines the world-class IT and software capabilities of Wipro with FEV’s dedicated automotive engineering and domain expertise to create breakthrough solutions and products for Software-Defined Vehicles.

“By leveraging such innovative competences, we seek to accelerate the product development activities and develop significant competitive advantage.”

Wipro, FEV open innovation lab for software defined vehicles

Wipro, FEV open innovation lab for software defined vehicles. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

According to Wipro, as cloud and connectivity platforms are becoming a part of all the new automobiles, the industrialization of software defined vehicles with the help of its innovation lab will facilitate new and enhanced experiences for drivers and passengers.

The Indian IT services company claimed that the innovation lab brings together the best of the two companies’ senior technologists and engineers, architects, developers, and researchers.

The innovation lab will concentrate on research, product development, solutions, and roadmaps to enable go-to-market for customers across the world. Wipro and FEV are expected to benefit from advancing individual technical capabilities and research goals apart from commercialization of the jointly developed products and services.

Thomas Muller – CTO – Engineering and R&D Services, Wipro Limited said: “We are excited to collaborate with FEV, one of the most respected names in the automotive industry, to jointly develop innovative solutions for Software Defined Vehicles.

“This is a significant step towards strengthening our services in the automotive and mobility related markets globally, and being at the forefront of these transformative technologies and experiences.”

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