Westminster Group secures major airport security contract in DRC


Westminster Group Plc (AIM: WSG), a provider of managed services and technology-based security solutions worldwide, has officially completed the ratification process for a significant contract with La Regie Des Voies Aeriennes (RVA), governing the provision of security services to five airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The contract, valued at approximately US$10 million in expected revenues in its first year, was formally signed during the UK-DRC Trade and Investment Mission in Kinshasa.

The agreement, which spans an initial period of 10 years with an option for a five-year renewal, encompasses comprehensive ground security operations at four international airports and one national airport across the DRC. Westminster Group will invest in advanced security technologies including detection, surveillance, and screening equipment to elevate the airports to international security standards. This initiative is anticipated to boost air traffic in the region by attracting new international carriers and businesses, due to enhanced safety and operational standards.

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In addition to upgrading equipment and systems, Westminster Group is set to establish an aviation security training academy within the DRC. This academy will provide certified training to all aviation security personnel in the country, aligning with international standards and significantly boosting local employment and expertise.

Westminster Group Plc finalizes a US$10 million security service contract for DRC airports, enhancing regional air travel safety and operational standards

Westminster Group Plc finalizes a US$10 million security service contract for DRC airports, enhancing regional air travel safety and operational standards

Revenue for this contract will be generated based on the number of passengers embarking at these airports, with fees collected per passenger through the ticketing system, ensuring a steady income stream for Westminster. This model aligns with the company’s successful managed services framework implemented in other regions of Africa.

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Peter Fowler, CEO of Westminster Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the contract, emphasizing the DRC’s potential for growth given its vast natural resources and strategic importance in Africa. “The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a key addition to our international aviation security services,” Fowler noted. He highlighted the importance of air travel within the expansive territory of the DRC and projected a long-term commitment to enhancing the country’s airport security.

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Professor Tryphon Kin-Kiey Mulumba, Chairman of RVA, and various dignitaries including Lord Popat, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy, and John Humphrey, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Africa, praised the professionalism of Westminster and the strategic benefits of such international collaborations. Lord Popat remarked on the significance of the contract in bolstering bilateral trade relations between the UK and the DRC.

The initial phase of the project will be financed through Westminster’s resources, with additional funding strategies being explored to support the expansive scope of the project. This includes project-based debt capital to sustain long-term development and operations.

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