Warner Music, Tips Industries expand partnership to promote Indian music globally


In a significant move that underscores the growing synergy between global and Indian music industries, Warner Music has broadened its partnership with Mumbai-based Tips Industries Limited (Tips Music), a leading music label in India. This expansion builds on a fruitful three-year collaboration, enhancing the global distribution and commercialization of Tips Music’s extensive catalog.

At the heart of this enhanced agreement is Warner Music’s commitment to managing the commercial and distribution aspects of Tips Music’s vast collection, which encompasses over 30,000 songs across 23 Indian languages. This strategic move not only leverages Warner Music’s global network to promote Tips Music’s diverse array of artists and tracks worldwide but also signifies a notable push to elevate Bollywood music on the international stage.

Tips Industries Limited, renowned for its significant footprint in the Bollywood music scene, recently reported a robust 27% year-over-year revenue growth in its Q3 earnings. The label’s catalog, rich with iconic soundtracks from the 1990s and beyond, positions it as a dominant player in India’s music industry. The expanded partnership with Warner Music is set to further propel Tips Music into the global arena, with both entities aiming to secure a top-three label status in India.

Kumar Taurani, Managing Director of Tips Industries Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership, emphasizing the mutual benefits and shared vision for global market penetration. Alfonso Perez-Soto, President of Emerging Markets at Warner Music, highlighted the successful promotion of Bollywood soundtracks globally, thanks to the initial collaboration. Jay Mehta, Managing Director of Warner Music India, anticipates this next phase to bring Indian music to mainstream audiences worldwide.

The deal further enables Tips Music to concentrate on its core strengths—discovering new talent and acquiring more film music content. It also marks a significant step towards fulfilling the company’s longstanding vision of introducing promising singers and making Indian music a global phenomenon.

This expanded partnership between Warner Music and Tips Industries Limited is poised to have a transformative impact on the global music landscape. By combining Warner Music’s distribution prowess with Tips Music’s rich and diverse catalog, the alliance is set to unlock new opportunities for Indian music on the world stage. The strategic collaboration not only underscores the increasing globalization of music but also highlights the potential for cross-cultural exchanges in the digital age.

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