Vergent LMS and AvanteUSA partner to enhance lending and collections solutions


In a significant development for the financial services industry, Vergent Loan Management Software (Vergent LMS), a leading fintech lending platform, has announced a strategic integration partnership with AvanteUSA, a renowned provider of collection services. This collaboration is set to offer enhanced lending and receivables management solutions to financial institutions worldwide, catering to a wide spectrum of credit from sub-prime to super-prime loans.

At the forefront of this partnership is the aim to merge Vergent’s state-of-the-art loan management software with AvanteUSA’s comprehensive collections capabilities. This integration promises to provide lenders with unparalleled access to efficient loan and receivables management services. These include a range of offerings from first- and third-party collections to debt settlement and purchasing, all designed to streamline the lending process and improve financial outcomes.

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Michael Moore, CEO of AvanteUSA, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, citing Vergent’s superior market offering, exceptional customer service, and broad customer base as key factors in forging this collaboration. Moore emphasized the goal of simplifying lenders’ access to AvanteUSA’s services, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the lending process.

Vergent’s loan management software is celebrated for its ability to automate workflows, streamline processes, and facilitate seamless loan data transfer. With the addition of AvanteUSA’s collection solutions, lenders associated with Vergent will now benefit from custom reporting, strategic planning, skip tracing services, custom call campaigns, collector monitoring, and PowerQue technology. This comprehensive suite of tools is designed to bolster debt recovery and reporting capabilities, offering a more holistic approach to loan management.

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Scott Putnam, CEO of Vergent LMS, also voiced his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to extend sophisticated capabilities throughout the lifecycle of a loan. Putnam is confident that Vergent’s clients will find immense value in the new partnership, leveraging both companies’ strengths to address debt recovery and reporting needs more effectively.

Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Vergent Loan Management Software, originally founded in 2006 as eSoftware, delivers premier omnichannel loan management software solutions. The company serves over 3,000 storefronts across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America, reflecting its substantial impact on the lending industry. AvanteUSA, distinguished for its workflow solutions and commitment to integrity, honesty, and privacy, supports organizations in establishing and achieving long-term success goals.

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This strategic partnership between Vergent LMS and AvanteUSA represents a pivotal moment in the fintech and financial services sectors. By combining Vergent’s advanced loan management software with AvanteUSA’s collection services, the collaboration sets a new standard for integrated lending and debt management solutions. This move not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of loan and receivable management for financial institutions but also underscores the importance of strategic alliances in driving innovation and improving service delivery in the competitive financial landscape.

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