Urgent alert: Tsunami waves expected in Philippines and Japan after deadly 7.5 quake


A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.5 hit Mindanao, Philippines, on Saturday, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). With a depth of 63 km (39 miles), the quake has triggered tsunami warnings, expecting to impact the Philippines and Japan shortly.

Tsunami Warnings Issued in Philippines and Japan

The Philippine Seismology Agency PHIVOLCS warned of tsunami waves potentially hitting the Philippines by midnight local time (1600 GMT), continuing for hours. In Japan, broadcaster NHK predicted tsunami waves of up to a meter (3 feet) high reaching the western coast around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday (1630 GMT on Saturday). The US Geological Survey, recording the quake at magnitude 7.6 and a depth of 32 km (20 miles), echoed these warnings.

Philippines and Japan Brace for Tsunamis After Major Earthquake Strikes Mindanao

Philippines and Japan Brace for Tsunamis After Major Earthquake Strikes Mindanao

Recent History of Seismic Activity in the Region

Last month, the region experienced a magnitude 6.7 offshore earthquake, resulting in eight deaths and injuries to 13 people. This quake, along with the most recent one, underscores the Philippines’ vulnerability, located in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” known for frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.

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Evacuation Orders and Safety Measures

Following the quake, Phivolcs issued evacuation orders for coastal areas of Surigao Del Sur and Davao Oriental provinces, urging people to move to higher ground. The U.S. Tsunami Warning System also projected waves up to 3 meters above tide level along some Philippine coasts.

Local Authorities Respond to the Crisis

Raymark Gentallan, local police chief of Hinatuan, reported a power outage since the quake but no casualties or damage yet. Phivolcs did not expect significant damage from the tremor but warned of possible aftershocks.

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This seismic event in the Philippines highlights the ongoing risk of natural disasters in the Pacific Ring of Fire and the critical need for effective emergency response measures.

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