UK Army set to receive first fully-digital armoured fighting vehicle AJAX


The UK Army will soon receive its first fully-digital AJAX, with deliveries beginning this year, as per the latest defense industry news.

Employing more than 700 workers, UK facilities in Merthyr Tydfil and Oakdale are assembling, integrating and testing AJAX under the contract.

The AJAX armoured vehicle will offer high-tech reconnaissance systems, protection and survivability, and reliability and mobility.

The 589 AJAX vehicles, available in six variants, will serve as a reconnaissance vehicle and will replace the Army’s CVR(T) fleet, which has been in service since 1972, and continuing until 2024.

Commenting on the AJAX, Ben Wallace – the UK Secretary of State for Defence said: “AJAX will provide the British Army with improved flexibility, manoeuvrability and battle-winning capability and advantage.

“Its advanced reconnaissance systems will allow British soldiers to see things first, weigh up their options and take decisive action before their adversaries.”

AJAX armoured fighting vehicles

to deliver AJAX armoured fighting vehicles to the UK Army. Photo courtesy of Crown copyright.

With all engineering tasks carried out at UK’s Centre of Excellence in Oakdale, Merthyr Tydfil facility assumes the assembly, integration and test of AJAX vehicles on-site.

The company’s second Oakdale site has employed an additional 490 personnel to deliver and support the Bowman Tactical Communication System for the British Army.

As per the latest defense industry news, the UK has awarded £4.5 billion in contracts to Land Systems for the demonstration, manufacture and in-service support of AJAX armoured fighting vehicles, delivery of which will continue until 2024. General Dynamics Land Systems had also successfully delivered the Cougar-based Mastiff, Ridgback and Wolfhound fleet and Foxhound vehicles for the UK Army.

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