TVS Eurogrip elevates agricultural machinery with cutting-edge tyre innovations at World AG EXPO and FIMA AGRICOLA


TVS Eurogrip, rapidly emerging as a global frontrunner in the manufacture of tyres for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), marked its presence at two prestigious international expos: the World AG EXPO in Tulare, California, USA, and FIMA AGRICOLA in Zaragoza, Spain. These events, held in February 2024, served as perfect stages for TVS Eurogrip to exhibit a wide array of off-highway and agricultural tyres, underlining its commitment to advancing the agricultural technology sector.

At the World AG EXPO, known as the largest annual agricultural exposition of its kind, TVS Eurogrip showcased its innovations at stand no R 35 in the North Exhibits Hall. Concurrently, at FIMA AGRICOLA, celebrating its 60th anniversary as an international fair of agricultural machinery, TVS Eurogrip’s products were on display at stand no E16-18 in Hall no 7. These expos provided unparalleled opportunities for the company to demonstrate its latest product range and the advanced technology behind these world-class products.

TVS Eurogrip Showcases at World AG EXPO and FIMA AGRICOLA, Elevating Agricultural Tyre Innovation

TVS Eurogrip Showcases at World AG EXPO and FIMA AGRICOLA, Elevating Agricultural Tyre Innovation

S Mathan Babu, Vice President of OHT Sales & Marketing at TVS Eurogrip, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s participation in these expos, citing them as vital platforms for showcasing their state-of-the-art products and engaging with potential partners.

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The off-highway products exhibited by TVS Eurogrip at the World AG EXPO and FIMA AGRICOLA include a variety of tyres designed for backhoe loaders, skid steers, tractors, and more, emphasizing the company’s role in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of agricultural machinery. With over 1200 exhibitors at the World AG EXPO and a significant international presence at FIMA AGRICOLA, these events underscored the global interest in agricultural advancements and the importance of innovation in this sector.

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The participation of TVS Eurogrip in these international expos highlights the company’s dedication to the agricultural sector and its efforts to bring cutting-edge tyre technology to the forefront of this industry. By introducing advanced tyre solutions tailored for agricultural and off-highway use, TVS Eurogrip is setting new standards in durability, performance, and efficiency, contributing significantly to the evolution of modern agriculture.

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