Tragic bus accident in Durg district, Chhattisgarh claims 12 lives, injures 14


In a heart-wrenching incident late Tuesday evening, a bus filled with workers veered off the road, overturned, and plummeted into a ditch in the Kumhari area of Durg district, Chhattisgarh, leading to the loss of 12 lives and causing grievous injuries to 14 others. The official announcement was made by Durg Collector Richa Prakash Choudhary, highlighting the severity of the accident and the immediate response initiated by local authorities.

At around 8:30 PM on Tuesday, the bus, which was reportedly transporting laborers, met with the tragic accident. The preliminary reports suggest that the vehicle lost control, resulting in it falling into a nearby ditch. The impact was catastrophic, leading to significant casualties and injuries among the passengers.

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Richa Prakash Choudhary provided a detailed account of the emergency response following the accident. “The bus carrying labourers fell into a ditch near Kumhari around 8.30 pm, resulting in the deaths of approximately 12 individuals while 14 others were injured and admitted to a hospital,” she explained. She further added that twelve of the injured were urgently referred and shifted to AIIMS (Raipur) for advanced medical care, while the remaining two are being treated at a private hospital. According to the Collector, all injured passengers are now in stable condition, receiving the best possible medical attention.

Efforts to rescue any passengers still trapped within the wreckage of the bus were underway, with the cause of the accident still under investigation at the time of reporting.

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The incident has drawn widespread attention and sorrow, including a public statement from Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai. Through his official X handle, the Chief Minister expressed his deep sadness over the tragic event, stating, “I was saddened by the news of a bus, packed with employees of a private firm, meeting with an accident near Kumhari in Durg.”

He further conveyed his condolences, “I pray to the Almighty to bring peace to the departed souls and strength to the bereaved families. Adequate arrangements have been made for the treatment of the injured employees. I wish them a speedy recovery.”

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As the community reels from this tragic event, the focus remains on supporting the injured for a swift recovery and providing solace to the families of the deceased. The incident also underscores the ongoing need for enhanced road safety measures and emergency response protocols in India’s rural and urban areas alike.

This tragic accident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of stringent road safety protocols and the need for constant vigilance on the part of both drivers and passengers to prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

Further details on the cause of the accident and any subsequent developments will be keenly awaited as the investigation progresses.

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