Tata’s Nelco partners with Omnispace for 5G NTN satellite services

Tata Group subsidiary Nelco Limited has entered into a cooperation agreement with US-based mobile communications provider Omnispace for enabling and distributing 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN), direct-to-device satellite services.

Nelco is an Indian satellite communication service provider. Its partnership with Omnispace is expected to grow the reach of 5G using satellite communication across India and South Asia.

The Tata Group company caters to enterprise customers with satcom services for business-critical applications across several industry segments, which include Aero IFC and Maritime communication.

Nelco said that the agreement with Omnispace will concentrate on enabling the use of 5G direct-to-device communications using the global NGSO satellite network of the latter across multiple market segments.

The Omnispace network will be providing Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions and a smooth mobile connectivity experience.

Tata’s Nelco partners with Omnispace for 5G NTN satellite services

Tata’s Nelco partners with Omnispace for 5G NTN satellite services. Image courtesy of torstensimon from Pixabay.

Jay Yass — Omnispace Chief Corporate Development Officer said: “We are excited to be working with Nelco, a proven innovator which shares our vision, to deliver for the first-time, game-changing solutions for enterprise customers in India through the power of ubiquitous, global 5G communications.

“Together with Nelco, we are working to deliver reliable mobile connectivity solutions to enhance growth and innovation across the industries and regions it serves.”

Nelco, through the agreement with Omnispace, expects to grow its services by adding 5G satellite direct-to-device connectivity solutions to its satcom services portfolio, which serves existing and new customers in South Asia.

P J Nath — Managing Director and CEO of Nelco said: “This is truly an exciting time in technology innovation for us and our customers. We look forward to working with Omnispace, to provide our customers the power of cutting-edge 5G global connectivity solutions including satellite IoT.

“We believe that 5G NTN satellite network can bring transformational capability for our customers by enabling 3GPP compliant connectivity solutions across all regions & terrains.”

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