Tata Motors delivers advanced electric buses to Jammu Smart City


In a significant move towards sustainable urban mobility, Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has delivered state-of-the-art Ultra EV air-conditioned electric buses to Jammu Smart City Limited. This initiative is part of a broader effort led by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the Government of Jammu & Kashmir to establish an environmentally sustainable public transportation system in Jammu.

Flagging off by Dignitaries and Commitment to Sustainability

The fleet of zero-emission electric buses was flagged off by notable dignitaries, including India’s Home Minister Amit Shah, in a ceremony attended by various government officials and representatives from Tata Motors. This delivery is a part of Tata Motors’ larger order to supply, maintain, and operate 200 electric buses in Srinagar and Jammu for a 12-year period, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing urban mobility while reducing environmental impact.

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Advanced Features and Design for Comfortable Commuting

Manufactured in India, these emission-free Tata Motors electric buses feature cutting-edge technology and are designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and convenience. They offer Jammu residents reliable and zero-emission intra-city commuting solutions, equipped with advanced amenities and powered by state-of-the-art electric power systems.

CEO’s Vision for Improved Transportation

Rahul Yadav, CEO of Jammu Smart City Ltd, emphasized the goal of enhancing mass mobility in Jammu with the introduction of these electric buses. The initiative aims to increase safety, sustainability, and convenience for commuters, contributing to the city’s air quality improvement and reducing the carbon footprint.

Jammu Embraces Sustainable Transportation with Tata Motors' Ultra EV Buses

Jammu Embraces Sustainable Transportation with Tata Motors’ Ultra EV Buses. Photo courtesy of Tata Motors Limited.

Tata Motors Leading the Electric Mobility Sector

Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Chairman of TML Smart City Mobility Solutions (J&K) Pvt Ltd, expressed pride in Tata Motors’ pioneering role in the electric mobility sector. The company’s deep understanding of sustainable mobility solutions aligns with the government’s push for electric vehicles, making these buses a vital addition to Jammu’s transportation system.

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Tata Ultra EV: Redefining Urban Commuting

The Tata Ultra EV electric buses stand out for their efficiency and reliability, having collectively clocked more than 10 crore kilometers across various Indian cities. They are equipped with electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, air suspension, Intelligent Transport System (ITS), and a panic button, ensuring a safe and seamless commuting experience.

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Tata Motors’ delivery of electric buses to Jammu Smart City Limited represents a landmark in India’s journey towards sustainable urban development. These buses not only enhance the quality of public transportation but also set a precedent for other cities to follow in the quest for eco-friendly mobility solutions.

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