Stolen Spirits launches Stolen X 100ml cans across US


Stolen Spirits, which launched Stolen X 11-year-old single-grain whiskey earlier this year in 1L and 750ml bottles, is extending the range with 100ml cans.

The company is said to be keen to tap into the accelerating growth of the premium whiskey category and with a Rye whiskey-based RTD.

Spirits Investment Partners, the group that is backing Stolen Spirits, expects the new can format of Stolen X to crush it in the on-premise and also off-premise, especially due to the category growth in recent times.

By launching an 80-proof spirit-based RTD (premium whiskey vs. a malt-base) in cans with organic ingredients and less quantity of sugar, the company claims to give its consumers another reason to buy Stolen X.

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Marc Bushala – CEO of Spirits Investment Partners said: “Most canned beverages are watered down versions of classic cocktails, but Stolen X delivers 2.25oz of a full strength great-tasting cocktail in a can.

“The new format and premium ingredients will only extend interest and sales in the brand as we continue to disrupt the category.”

Stolen Spirits launches Stolen X 100ml cans across US

Stolen Spirits launches Stolen X 100ml cans across US. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Based on a pre-prohibition spirit called “Rock & Rye,” Stolen X is prepared with straight American rye whiskey, and then mixed with organic raw honey and real orange peel. The aged rye whiskey and natural ingredients are said to result in a smooth and balanced flavor profile.

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Ryan Perry – Co-Founder and CIO of Spirits Investment Partnership said: “Canned cocktails are changing the game in both the on and off-premise. Owners and operators especially crave options which provide incremental impulse purchases and facilitate trade up into the high margin whiskey category.”

Stolen X will roll out the new 100ml cans directly to consumers across the US through five Stolen X Vintage El Caminos. The vehicles are covered in the brand’s black and white colors, outfitted with flatbeds and coolers, and stacked with 100ml Stolen X cans.

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The X sampling fleet will be present at tailgating events, street fairs, and music festivals, and will also be “dropped” in target markets at high traffic points.

The Stolen X 100ml cans are distributed in partnership with Breakthru Beverage Group, Young’s Market, RNDC, and other independent wholesalers, and are priced at $2.99.

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