Skyflow secures $30m to advance data privacy solutions for AI


In a strategic move to bolster its position in the data privacy sector, Skyflow has successfully raised $30 million in an extension of its Series B funding round. This investment, led by Khosla Ventures and supported by existing backers Mouro Capital, Foundation Capital, and Canvas Ventures, underscores Skyflow’s significant traction in the market, highlighted by a revenue surge of over 210%. This growth is anchored in the company’s rapid adoption within the critical sector of sensitive data protection for Large Language Models (LLMs).

Skyflow, renowned for its revolutionary approach to safeguarding customer data, offers a global network of data privacy vaults designed to meet the burgeoning demand for secure LLM implementations and adherence to intricate data localization mandates. The platform’s unique capacity to support nearly a billion records of user data and process in excess of two billion API calls quarterly has made it an indispensable solution for global entities such as GoodRx, Lenovo, and Hippocratic AI.

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Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, emphasized the growing imperative for robust privacy and trust infrastructure to safeguard sensitive data amidst the AI enterprise application boom. Skyflow’s innovative data management and protection framework positions it as a critical resource for any enterprise navigating the complexities of app, cloud, or LLM data security.

Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Skyflow, highlighted the escalating need for integrated privacy mechanisms within technological infrastructures as AI and LLMs evolve. Skyflow distinguishes itself by enabling companies to embed privacy by design into their systems universally, without necessitating comprehensive overhauls. This is facilitated by Skyflow’s proprietary polymorphic encryption technology, which uniquely balances data protection with usability for essential business functions.

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As LLM adoption widens, the lack of adequate data protection measures poses significant compliance, security, and privacy challenges. Skyflow introduces a preemptive solution by acting as a privacy trust layer, preventing sensitive data from being ingested by AI models. This approach simplifies and secures generative AI adoption, providing companies with the flexibility to define what constitutes sensitive information, thereby extending protection beyond traditional categories like Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

In a recent strategic expansion, Skyflow has extended its data residency solutions to include China, thereby facilitating global companies’ compliance with the nation’s stringent data privacy and cybersecurity regulations. With a robust infrastructure that already meets the data localization requirements of over 150 countries, Skyflow continues to enable seamless data governance and protection for enterprises operating on a global scale.

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Skyflow’s Series B funding extension is a testament to the critical role of data privacy in the contemporary digital landscape, particularly in the context of AI and LLMs. By providing a scalable, secure, and efficient platform for data protection, Skyflow is not only addressing the immediate needs of businesses but is also shaping the future of privacy and security in the AI-driven world.

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