Siemens Mobility to supply 50 Vectron locomotives for Czech Railways


has bagged a contract from to deliver 50 Vectron MS multisystem locomotives with a maximum operating speed of 230km/h.

Under the contract, will also be responsible for the service of the locomotives for a period of 15 years.

According to the German transport solutions provider, the Vectron MS multisystem locomotives are ideal for operations on traditional and high-speed lines in fast cross-border passenger traffic.

is slated to begin delivery of the train engines from December 2025.

Michael Peter — CEO of said: “We are delighted about the trust placed in us by and our biggest Vectron order to date from the Czech Republic. For the first time, our locomotives are also suitable for service on high-speed lines with a top speed of 230 km/h.

will thus be ideally equipped for providing flexible, sustainable and cross-border rail transport. With the additional service contract, we will also guarantee the operational availability of the locomotives.”

Siemens Mobility to supply 50 Vectron locomotives for Czech Railways

to supply 50 Vectron locomotives for Czech Railways. Photo courtesy of Siemens.

claimed that it has so far sold 1,327 Vectron locomotives to 61 customers. The company said that it will manufacture locomotives under the Czech Railways contract at its plant in Munich-Allach.

Michal Kraus — Czech Railways Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD and Deputy Director General for Maintenance said: “We have very good experience with Vectron locomotives from Siemens. We currently operate 18 locomotives, and others are used by our subsidiary ČD Cargo.

“We believe this generation of Vectrons with a maximum speed of 230 km/h will earn equally positive references. We will deploy them together with 20 ComfortJet non-traction trainsets and they can also run with our Czech Railjets.”

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