Terror strikes Shiraz again: Inside the deadly attack on Shah Cheragh


In a terrifying turn of events, terror revisited Iran’s heart, with bullets raining on the sacred grounds of Shah Cheragh shrine in the bustling city of Shiraz. Amidst conflicting reports, the true toll of this attack remains shrouded in mystery.

Conflicting Reports Flood State Media: True Casualties Unveiled

While the world was initially stunned with reports of four souls snuffed out, a riveting revelation by Mohammad Hadi Imaniyeh, the authoritative governor of Fars province, told a different tale to the state TV. The evening’s terror began at 7:00 pm (local time) when a rogue assailant dared to breach the shrine’s sanctity. Although promptly apprehended, the damage was done – with one innocent life tragically lost.

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The area, still echoing with gunshots, witnessed shops shutting their doors in fear, while a wounded seven were counted by the semi-official Tasnim news agency. With a security cordon thrown around the shrine, the nation awaited word on the perpetrators.

Eerie Echoes from the Past: When Terror Struck Before

For many, this terrifying episode brought chilling memories from October last year. The very ground of Shah Cheragh had once trembled under a mass shooting, which claimed 13 lives and left 30 in agony. The ominous hand of the Islamic State (IS) was later seen behind this tragedy.

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In the aftermath, the judiciary’s Mizan Online news website dropped a bombshell – the attackers, identified as Mohammad Ramez Rashidi and Naeem Hashem Qatali, had ties with the IS and faced public execution.

While mysteries around their nationalities lingered, the judicial hammer came down hard. With charges of “corruption on earth” and “conspiracy against national security”, the duo met their fate at dawn on a street near the sacred shrine.

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While Shiraz still nurses its wounds, three other defendants from the previous attack have been handed prison sentences, marking the relentless pursuit of justice in Iran. With the city on edge, the nation watches closely, awaiting answers and hoping for peace.

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