Shocking update: Bologna’s iconic Leaning Tower in imminent danger of falling


The Garisenda Tower in Bologna, Italy, famously known as the ‘leaning tower’, is now under threat of collapsing. Having stood steady for nearly a millennium, the city’s tallest tower, measuring 150 feet, is now leaning excessively, sparking fears of a sudden collapse.

Tower’s Alarming Instability Raises Concerns

The tower, which has been leaning at a 4-degree angle since the 14th century, has now reached a critical point. Despite efforts in the past to stabilize it, including the removal of its top section, the tower’s integrity is increasingly compromised. In comparison, the iconic Tower of Pisa leans at a 5-degree angle.

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Civil Protection Plan Activated Amidst High Alert

In response to this precarious situation, Bologna city officials have activated a civil protection plan. CNN reports that the tower is in danger of a “sudden and unexpected collapse”. A metal cordon will be erected around the tower to contain debris and protect surrounding buildings and residents.

Urgent Alert: Bologna's Leaning Garisenda Tower at Risk of Sudden Collapse

Urgent Alert: Bologna’s Leaning Garisenda Tower at Risk of Sudden Collapse

Scientific Committee’s Warning Triggers Emergency Measures

A scientific committee, monitoring the site since 2019, has raised the alarm. Sensors installed to measure the tower’s movements indicated concerning trends in October 2023. The committee’s findings suggest a “crushing compression” at the tower’s base, with the risk of cracks expanding.

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Immediate Closure of Surrounding Area

Following the committee’s report, civic officials immediately shut down the area around the tower and closed all access roads. This emergency response underscores the seriousness of the situation and the efforts to prevent potential hazards.

The situation at Bologna’s Garisenda Tower is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities of historic structures and the importance of ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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