Rachio, Heliae partner to bring new biotech solution for lawn care


Rachio, a smart lawn care and sustainable watering company, is joining forces with Heliae Agriculture to offer a biotech liquid soil microbial food solution to help in customizing lawn care across the US.

The collaboration aims to take lawn care to the next level to bring in nutrient use efficiency, making for healthy and sustainable lawns, grass, and turf.

Heliae Agriculture, which is an Arizona based biotech company, is said to have led the way in the use of microalgae for agriculture.

During the last 11 years, the company has streamlined its technology and developed products such as PhycoTerra, which is known for causing the explosive growth of native soil microbes to release bio-active compounds. PhycoTerra is pasteurized, non-living algae, liquid concentrate of vital nutrients, which uses whole cells of microalgae that are grown in highly controlled conditions.

Rachio has developed Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers which connect to installed sprinkler systems to use the information on consumers’ yards along with local weather data. This information is used for exactly determining how much water an individual’s lawn requires.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers operate irrigation systems using the smartphone and Wi-Fi of the homeowner. Rachio is now advancing into the lawn care space with a new lawn care subscription plan called Rachio Thrive in partnership with Heliae Agriculture.

Rachio, Heliae partner to bring new biotech solution for lawn care

Rachio, Heliae partner to bring new biotech solution for lawn care. Photo courtesy of Heliae Development, LLC.

Eric Lichtenheld – President and CEO of Heliae Agriculture said: “Our research through our microalgae soil microbiome food has been assisting growers worldwide.

“Partnering with Rachio and bringing our commercial techniques to the consumer level through this partnership allows for our improvements in soil efficiency and implementation of regenerative agriculture to be used more widespread.”

The new biotech solution is powered by Heliae Agriculture’s agricultural products in combination with the watering capabilities and watering intelligence of Rachio, is expected to repair yards and create healthier root structures that are capable of more sustainable use of water.

Chris Klein – CEO and Co-Founder of Rachio said: “Our innovative watering technology, in conjunction with Heliae’s agricultural legacy, will better enable homeowners to achieve results with much less water.

“We’re excited to partner with Heliae to further our mission of making water use more sustainable and personally rewarding.”

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