Poland’s Defence Ministry acts: More troops dispatched to tense Belarusian border


Amid rising tensions at the Polish-Belarusian border, Poland’s Defence Ministry is ramping up its defenses. Responding to the border guard service’s urgent request, and in the wake of accusations against Belarus and Russia for engineering a migration wave to destabilize the EU, the ministry is dispatching more troops to the border, as per recent reports by the state-run news agency PAP.

Numbers Spell Alarm

Yesterday, the Border Guard’s leader, Tomasz Praga, made a startling revelation: a whopping 19,000 individuals have already tried to infiltrate the Polish-Belarusian border this year alone. These numbers have surged from last year’s figure of 16,000. Acting swiftly on Praga’s plea, Poland’s Deputy Interior Minister, Maciej Wasik, revealed that another 1,000 troops are heading to fortify the border.

Poland Reinforces Border Amid Accusations Against Belarus and Russia

Poland Reinforces Border Amid Accusations Against Belarus and Russia. Photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay.

Murky Motives Suspected

Speculations are rampant, with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently dropping a bombshell. He indicated that hundreds from Russia’s Wagner mercenary group have been seen lurking near Grodno, a Belarusian city not far from the Polish border. Their sinister motive? Allegedly, to create havoc on NATO’s eastern boundaries. Meanwhile, Poland has fortified its side with a face equipped with top-tier electronic protection.

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During a press meet, Wasik insinuated that Belarus and Russia might be masterminding another migrant wave. He painted a picture of a covert operation steered by the Russian and Belarusian intelligence agencies, which, according to him, is intensifying by the day. Echoing this sentiment, Praga labeled the Belarusian services as a profit-hungry “criminal group” orchestrating illegal migration.

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Last summer, the global community witnessed eerily similar events. Belarus and ally Russia faced allegations for a “hybrid” attack, leveraging non-military tactics to aid tens of thousands of migrants in their quest to breach Poland from Belarus. While the West pointed fingers at the Belarusian regime, Minsk refuted these claims.

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