Petrofac engages in debt restructuring and strategic negotiations


Petrofac Limited, a leading international service provider to the energy industry, revealed details about its ongoing strategic and financial restructuring efforts. Amidst these developments, the company is in active discussions with its lenders to convert a significant portion of its debt into equity. This restructuring move aims to bolster Petrofac’s financial stability and enhance its operational capabilities.

The company is also negotiating with potential investors and major shareholders to secure further investments, alongside discussions about the sale of its non-core assets. These efforts are part of Petrofac’s broader strategy to streamline its operations and strengthen its financial footing.

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Petrofac’s management team and board of directors are focused on managing the group’s financial obligations and securing the necessary guarantees for recently awarded contracts. This is critical as the company navigates through its current challenges, including the difficulty in securing new performance guarantees. To address these issues, Petrofac is engaging with credit providers and clients to devise viable solutions.

Petrofac revealed details about its ongoing strategic and financial restructuring efforts

Petrofac revealed details about its ongoing strategic and financial restructuring efforts

The company continues to progress in its discussions with various stakeholders, promising to provide updates as they become available. Petrofac’s extensive portfolio spans the oil, gas, refining, petrochemicals, and renewable energy sectors, emphasizing its commitment to supporting the global energy landscape’s evolving needs.

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Financial Challenges and Strategic Measures at Petrofac

Petrofac’s ongoing negotiations reflect its proactive approach to addressing its financial challenges while ensuring it maintains the capacity to fulfill its $8 billion backlog. With operations primarily in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the UK North Sea, Petrofac has established a robust track record of safe, reliable, and innovative service delivery.

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Operating across 31 offices worldwide with 8,500 employees, Petrofac continues to emphasize its core values of being driven, agile, respectful, and open. These values guide the company’s operations and its strategic decisions aimed at enhancing in-country value and cost-effective delivery.

As a publicly listed entity on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol PFC, Petrofac’s strategic decisions are closely watched by investors and industry analysts. The outcomes of these discussions could significantly influence the company’s future direction and its role in the global energy sector.

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