Perry High School in chaos: Active shooter situation unfolds in Iowa


In a harrowing start to the school day, Perry High School in Iowa is currently facing an active shooter situation. The chaos erupted this morning, around 7:40 am local time, striking fear on what was meant to be a calm return from winter break. Initial reports from NBC News indicate a frantic evacuation of students, with urgent updates still pouring in.

Located 40 miles northwest of Des Moines, Perry High School is part of the Perry Community School District, serving approximately 1785 students. As this crisis unfolds, police and state troopers have swarmed the school grounds, scouring for the shooter whose identity remains a mystery.

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Amidst the chaos, the number of victims and the extent of injuries are still unclear. Local news, including Des Moines Register, reports a few injuries and mentions victims being rushed to hospitals, but details are scarce. A worrying account from a parent reveals that the school’s principal may be among the shot, as fear grips the heart of the Perry community.

Iowa School Shooting: Urgent Evacuation at Perry High School, Police on Scene

Iowa School Shooting: Urgent Evacuation at Perry High School, Police on Scene

In a text message sent through the districtwide communications system, the school staff was advised, “Do not return to the building. More information will be available later.” This directive underscores the severity of the situation, as the district cancels classes for Friday and neighboring schools tighten security or send students home.

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As the community of Perry reels from this sudden and violent disruption, the priority remains the safety of the students and staff. With the situation still developing, updates are eagerly awaited, as the nation turns its eyes to this small Iowa town thrust into the spotlight by a senseless act of violence.

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