Oracle Corporation Japan commits $8bn to expand cloud and AI infrastructure


In a significant move to bolster its cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, Oracle Corporation Japan has declared an ambitious plan to invest over $8 billion in the next decade. This strategic investment aims to expand the footprint of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) across Japan, addressing the increasing demand for cloud services and the specific digital sovereignty requirements of Japanese customers and partners.

Oracle’s investment will also focus on enhancing local customer support in its existing public cloud regions in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as expanding local operations teams for Oracle Alloy and OCI Dedicated Region. These initiatives are designed to support the seamless transition of government and business operations to Oracle Cloud, enabling them to leverage sovereign AI solutions securely within the nation’s borders.

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Toshimitsu Misawa, a board member and the corporate executive officer and president of Oracle Corporation Japan, emphasized the company’s commitment: “We are dedicated to meeting our customers and partners where they are in their cloud journey. By growing our cloud footprint and providing a team to support sovereign operations in Japan, we are giving our customers and partners the opportunity to innovate with AI and other cloud services while supporting their regulatory and sovereignty requirements.”

Oracle’s distributed cloud offers a variety of deployment options to suit different needs:

– Dedicated Cloud: Through OCI Dedicated Region, customers can operate all OCI cloud services within their own data centers, while Oracle Alloy allows partners to resell and customize these services.

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– Hybrid Cloud: Oracle provides key cloud services on-premises with solutions like Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Compute Cloud@Customer, already operational in over 60 countries.

– Public Cloud: Oracle operates 49 hyperscale public cloud regions worldwide, catering to organizations of all sizes, including those with stringent EU sovereignty requirements.

– Multicloud: Oracle facilitates multicloud strategies through integrations like Oracle Database@Azure, MySQL HeatWave on AWS, and Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to harness capabilities across different clouds.

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This comprehensive investment by Oracle Corporation Japan not only signifies its dedication to advancing cloud technology and AI in Japan but also positions Oracle as the only hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and an extensive suite of over 100 cloud services locally, anywhere.

Oracle Corporation Japan’s investment is a strategic move to capitalize on the growing demand for digital transformation and cloud-based solutions in Japan. By focusing on sovereignty and local support, Oracle is well-positioned to meet the specific needs of Japanese enterprises and public sectors, ensuring compliance with local regulations while offering cutting-edge technology solutions.

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