ODYSEA, Subsea7 deploy Proxxima technology on Gulf of Mexico pipeline


ODYSEA has announced a landmark achievement in offshore pipeline installation, employing its cutting-edge Goldilocks (GDLX) insulation technology, powered by ExxonMobil’s Proxxima polyolefin thermoset resin systems. This project, involving the installation of approximately eleven kilometers of deepwater pipelines, has been completed successfully with zero safety incidents and ahead of schedule. The utilization of GDLX insulation technology marks a significant advancement in the energy sector, showcasing exceptional performance and efficiency in the Gulf of Mexico.

At the core of this achievement is ODYSEA’s Goldilocks insulation technology, described by CEO Tanmay Desai as “an innovative and game-changing solution.” This technology was applied to flowline and riser pipes for a global supermajor energy client, with Subsea7’s Seven Oceans reel lay vessel executing the offshore installation. Goldilocks insulation represents a leap forward in thermal insulation systems for line pipe, field joints, and subsea structures, offering a faster, safer, and higher quality alternative to traditional methods.

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GDLX, a castable thermal insulation coating, leverages a unique molding process that simplifies the traditionally time-intensive, multi-layer application process. This innovation not only enhances portability, enabling on-site insulation worldwide but also significantly reduces waste generation. By accelerating the insulation process, ODYSEA enables clients to achieve operational milestones, such as first oil, sooner than with conventional insulation methods.

Pioneering Subsea Insulation Technology by ODYSEA Revolutionizes Offshore Pipeline Installation

Pioneering Subsea Insulation Technology by ODYSEA Revolutionizes Offshore Pipeline Installation. Photo courtesy of PRNewswire/The Bayou Companies.

The collaboration with ExxonMobil introduces the Proxxima resin system into the GDLX technology, providing a polyolefin thermoset characterized by super-low viscosity and a fast, controllable cure. This resin system boasts a remarkable balance of strength and toughness, resistance to extreme temperature and pressure, no depth limitations, and superior hydrophobic properties that prevent water uptake, thereby preserving insulation integrity.

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The Gulf of Mexico project demanded exhaustive validation to meet specific client requirements, a challenge ODYSEA met through adherence to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, extensive customer testing, and, ultimately, successful project execution. GDLX has demonstrated its durability and dependability, from laboratory tests to high-pressure, high-temperature project applications, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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José Manuel Torres, SCM Technology Manager at Subsea7, reflected on the project’s success, stating, “The successful adoption of this new insulation technology was made possible by our collective commitment to innovation, as well as rigorous testing that ensured project certainty and timely delivery.”

The successful deployment of ODYSEA’s Goldilocks insulation technology, enabled by ExxonMobil’s Proxxima resin systems, in the Gulf of Mexico, represents a monumental step forward in subsea pipeline installation. This project not only highlights the potential of GDLX technology to transform the energy sector but also underscores the importance of innovation, rigorous testing, and collaboration in achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety in offshore operations.

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