NRF expands warehouse space in Spain to meet surging demand


Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek B.V. (NRF), a subsidiary of Banco Products (India) and a prominent supplier of engine cooling and climate control components for the automotive aftermarket, is gearing up for a major expansion. With a rapidly growing portfolio boasting over 11,000 references, NRF is experiencing a surge in sales volume, necessitating an expansion of its warehouse capacity.

Earlier this year, NRF inaugurated a state-of-the-art 30,000 square meter warehouse in Poland. Now, the company is taking another bold step by unveiling a brand-new 12,700 square meter warehouse in Valencia, Spain.

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This significant expansion in Spain marks a pivotal moment for NRF, as it doubles its warehouse space from 6,400 square meters to 12,700 square meters. This strategic move underscores NRF’s commitment to meeting the escalating demands of customers in both the Iberian region and international markets. Furthermore, it enhances NRF’s operational efficiency, positioning the company to effortlessly accommodate future growth projections.

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The augmented space in NRF Spain will empower the company to efficiently manage its inventory, optimize order fulfillment processes, and elevate service levels for its partners. Beyond its core warehousing function, the new facility will also serve as a hub for hosting local and international customer meetings.

Notably, NRF’s dedication to sustainability extends to this expansion project, with plans to implement eco-friendly initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of warehouse operations.

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The relocation process is scheduled for completion by February 1, 2024. NRF assures its partners and clients that regular operations will remain uninterrupted during this transitional phase. Additionally, NRF will be the sole occupant of this newly constructed facility, ensuring a dedicated and efficient operational setup.

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