Nichino India opens agrochemicals manufacturing plant in Humnabad


Nichino India, an agrochemical company and a subsidiary of Nihon Nohyaku Corporation (NNC), has opened a new manufacturing plant in Humnabad, Karnataka.

The agrochemical plant was inaugurated by Nihon Nohyaku’s global president Hiroyuki Iwata San and others. Nihon Nohyaku, which was established in 1928, is a research and development (R&D)-based agrochemical company headquartered in Japan.

As per Nichino India, the agrochemicals manufacturing plant in Humnabad is equipped with multi-purpose facilities that allow the production of fungicides, intermediates, insecticides, and formulations.

It is estimated by Nichino India that the advanced plant could produce close to INR 250 crores of technical grade material that is made by the company.

The agrochemicals facility in Karnataka is said to have been constructed to be highly environmentally safe by utilizing special features such as specific acid recovery blocks, dust-free systems, specifically designed Nauta dryers Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems, and others.

Nichino India opens agrochemicals plant in Humnabad, Karnataka

Nichino India opens agrochemicals plant in Humnabad, Karnataka. Photo courtesy of Nichino India/Business Wire India.

Nihon Nohyaku is said to have discovered various active ingredients (AIs) and innovations like Flubendiamide, isoprothiolane, Buprofezin, Fenpyroximate, Tolfenpyrad, and Benzpyrimoxan.

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Its subsidiary Nichino India aims to contribute to the sustainable growth of the food, agricultural, and health industries while protecting the environment as well as the safety and health of employees and customers.

One of the most recent developments from Nichino India involves the creation of a novel active component Benzpyrimoxan (BPX) following 10 years of study.

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Orchestra is a new Japanese technology to help with brown planthopper (BPH) management. It has an entirely different method of action, as well as a secure toxicology profile, which means that it doesn’t affect the lifespan of beneficial insects, or other non-target organisms, as per Nichino India.

Benzpyrimoxan utilizes a unique and distinct mechanism of action called Ecdysone Titer Disruptor. Additionally, it is able to sustain a long duration of action, that is, it can protect crops for a prolonged period following application.

Orchestra is part of the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative to promote manufacturing within the country. It was developed through joint research conducted by the companies of Japan and India and will be available in the markets of both countries.

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Nichino India claims to have demonstrated impressive results with more than two lakh satisfied farmers with BPH management technology.

Nichino India stated: “Rice BPH is one of the most devastating pests that can cause significant losses to farmers, and Orchestra is a new generation product for BPH control that has solved this problem for farmers.

“The user farmers have given very positive feedback about Orchestra, such as it is the safest solution for BPH control, retains beneficial insects, gives highly effective & longer duration of control, phytotonic effect, healthy tillers, uniformly filled panicles & better yields.”

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