Shocking details emerge: NCW accused of ignoring Manipur violence until video leak


The viral video of two women from Manipur being subjected to public humiliation has sparked a nationwide uproar and brought the state government under intense scrutiny.

The video, depicting a disturbing incident that reportedly occurred 78 days prior, came to light on social media, leading to widespread criticism of the Manipur government and state police for their delayed response.

Furthermore, the National Commission for Women (NCW) faces serious allegations over their lack of action in the matter. The commission allegedly received information about the incident from activists over a month before the video circulated online, along with details of other brutal instances of rape, kidnapping, lynching, immolation, and killing in the state. The National Commission for Women, known for its prompt response to crimes against women, has been accused of being idle on these complaints.

NCW faces accusations of ignoring reports of Manipur violence until video leak

NCW faces accusations of ignoring reports of Manipur violence until video leak. Image courtesy of BestGraphics_Com from Pixabay.

In response to these allegations, the National Commission for Women has asserted they are not at fault. They maintain that they took action immediately after the incident came to their attention, reaching out to Manipur authorities but receiving no response. The National Commission for Women claims they were informed of the incidents by two individuals who were not from Manipur and swiftly forwarded the complaints to the relevant authorities.

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Despite the current discourse, the fact remains that the incident involving the two women didn’t receive significant attention until the video went viral. The Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has repeatedly assured that all those involved will be apprehended and face strict punishment. However, no clear accountability has been assigned for the delay in action after the incident was initially reported.

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The current focus on these allegations against National Commission for Women and the controversy surrounding the state government’s actions underlines the need for more transparent and timely responses to incidents of violence against women. The incident also highlights the potential role of social media in bringing such cases to light and pressuring authorities to take action.

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