MPS North America acquires AJE LLC to enhance AI capabilities and expand into B2C marketplace


In a significant development for the publishing industry, MPS North America LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MPS Limited, has announced the completion of its acquisition of AJE LLC, including its subsidiary American Journal Online (Beijing) Information Consulting Limited. This acquisition is a strategic move that marks MPS North America LLC’s entry into the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplace and significantly enhances its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, particularly with the inclusion of Curie, an AI-powered writing assistant.

Curie is designed to provide intelligent suggestions, improve writing structure, enhance the flow, and assist with citations. This technology facilitates the creation of high-quality academic content, positioning MPS at the forefront of innovation in academic publishing. For AJE, becoming part of MPS means that the author-focused company is now integrated into a publisher-agnostic ecosystem, unlocking new opportunities for growth and market expansion. Moreover, AJE’s customers will benefit from the extensive services offered by MPS’ seasoned team of publishing professionals.

Marc Spenle, Chief Operating Officer of Springer Nature, highlighted the strategic alignment between the companies, stating, “AJE has been part of the Springer Nature family for eight years, and we are therefore delighted to have found in MPS, with its expertise in global solutions, a publisher-neutral owner better placed to grow the business as it moves forward.” This acquisition promises to bring exciting opportunities for AJE and continuous support for Springer Nature authors.

Rahul Arora, Chairman and CEO of MPS Limited, outlined the strategic advantages of the acquisition, emphasizing its alignment with MPS’ Vision 2027. The acquisition not only enhances MPS’ AI-driven capabilities through the integration of Curie but also signifies a definitive entry into the B2C marketplace. Furthermore, the expansion into China aligns with MPS’ strategy to strengthen its global presence and positions MPS as a unique global player capable of servicing academic publishing from author to researcher.

The acquisition of AJE by MPS North America LLC is a strategic maneuver poised to have a significantly positive impact on the scale and scope of MPS’ Content and Platform Solutions business.

It aligns with MPS’ growth strategy dubbed ‘Supercharging Gestalt,’ focusing on market-based approaches, premier customers, expansion into new markets, investment in new capabilities, and the acquisition of growing assets.

This strategic acquisition underscores the importance of technology and innovation in the evolution of academic publishing, promising to deliver significant value and quality to authors, researchers, and the broader academic community.

The acquisition of AJE LLC by MPS North America LLC is a testament to the growing importance of AI in academic publishing. By integrating Curie into its portfolio, MPS not only enhances its technological capabilities but also solidifies its position as a leader in providing comprehensive solutions in the academic publishing space. This strategic move is likely to set a precedent for future acquisitions in the industry, as companies seek to leverage technology to improve efficiency, quality, and market reach.

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