Middleby acquires frozen French fry dispensing equipment RAM Fry Dispensers


Middleby, a US food-service equipment provider, has acquired RAM Fry Dispensers, a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Automated Equipment for an undisclosed price.

RAM Fry Dispensers are a range of automated frozen French fry dispensing equipment.

Automated Equipment provides dispensing equipment to food service companies across the world.

Tim Fitzgerald – CEO of Middleby said: “The addition of RAM enhances our restaurant automation portfolio. In the current market, operators are in need of solutions to address labor costs and availability. As an innovation leader, the RAM automated fry dispenser also manages portion control through inductive basket sensors, decreasing food waste and promoting a higher quality cooking environment.

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“This is a natural extension of our best-in-class fryer brands. RAM is currently in use with many large global restaurant chains. We expect to further develop and integrate this solution with our existing products.”

Middleby acquires frozen French fry dispensing equipment RAM Fry Dispensers

Middleby acquires frozen French fry dispensing equipment RAM Fry Dispensers. Photo courtesy of WikimediaImages from Pixabay.

According to Middleby, RAM Fry Dispensers offer reliability, ease of use, and dispensing accuracy. The automated French fry dispensers work by directly releasing portion-controlled frozen product from the freezer into fry baskets.

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Middleby said that the system makes sure that the French fries are directly cooked from their frozen state, which results in better product quality, consistency, and yield.

The RAM Fry Dispensers have an inductive basket sensor which detects and delivers a portion-controlled load of French fries into the basket. The filled baskets are then removed and then transferred into a fryer for cooking.

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The inductive basket sensors and accurate portion controls of the RAM Fry Dispensers are said to cut down the amount of food wastage while reducing the need for labor.

Recently, Middleby acquired Packaging Progressions (Pacproinc), a Pennsylvania-based automated packaging solutions provider which offers automated packaging technologies for clients in the protein and bakery segments. (Middleby acquisition of Pacproinc)

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