Medallia to acquire enterprise technology provider Thunderhead

Medallia, a California-based customer and employee experience management company, has agreed to acquire Thunderhead, an enterprise technology provider for real-time interaction management and journey orchestration.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Thunderhead is said to help enable brands to understand the intent of customers and orchestrate individualized journeys across billions of touchpoints in real-time.

The company is expected to bolster the ability of Medallia to power individualized journeys as well as conversations at scale, across online and offline channels, to help the latter’s customers continue to boost their brand loyalty, sales, and growth.

Leslie Stretch — Medallia CEO said: “We continue to blaze the innovation trail for the customer experience world. This latest acquisition is targeted at the needs of the most pioneering enterprise companies who are looking for new ways to make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting.

“The combination of Medallia Experience Cloud and Thunderhead’s open technology for real-time interaction delivers feedback-driven personalization on a massive scale. Thunderhead’s journey orchestration capability ensures every enterprise can make the most of feedback data to shape their product and service offerings, customer journeys, and experiences.”

Thunderhead’s technology is said to be used by Cleveland Cavaliers, Bosch, and EnBW among others. Its Thunderhead ONE platform brings together Internet of Things (IOT), digital, contact center, and offline interactions for delivering customized experiences at scale.

Glen Manchester — Thunderhead CEO said: “Medallia pioneered customer experience management and continues to lead the category.

“Medallia’s ability to capture signals from an extensive range of sources to operationalize insight and drive action has kept it at the forefront.”

The deal is anticipated to close in Q1 of this fiscal year.

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