Lummus Technology wins major contract for ethylene heaters in Saudi Arabia


Lummus Technology, globally recognized for its innovative process technologies and energy solutions, has announced a significant contract award from Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company (SEPC), a joint venture of Tasnee Sahara Olefins Company (TSOC). This contract entails the design and supply of two Short Residence Time (SRT) ethylene heaters at SEPC’s complex in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO of Lummus Technology, highlighted the SRT pyrolysis heater’s global popularity as the most selected ethylene furnace. The company’s close collaboration with clients enables them to optimize technology solutions specifically for their facilities. These solutions are aimed at increasing product yields, enhancing operational reliability, and optimizing energy usage.

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SEPC, a long-standing customer of Lummus since 2005, has chosen the company for a critical cracker expansion project. This project is expected to significantly boost ethylene production while simultaneously improving the plant’s energy efficiency and reducing emissions. The decision by SEPC to partner with Lummus underlines the latter’s reputation for delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable industrial solutions.

Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company Chooses Lummus Technology for Key Expansion Project

Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company Chooses Lummus Technology for Key Expansion Project

Lummus Technology has been a stalwart in supplying heat transfer equipment and systems to the process and power industries for over 75 years. The company specializes in providing heat transfer solutions and systems for critical process environments. Their portfolio includes industry-leading technology for fired heaters, like the Short Residence Time (SRT) pyrolysis furnace, and innovative heat exchangers, such as the HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger and LABLEX and Polaris advanced breech-lock exchangers.

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This project marks another milestone in Lummus Technology’s journey of providing advanced engineering solutions in the energy sector. The company’s continuous innovation and dedication to sustainable practices have solidified its position as a leader in the field of process technologies.

The partnership between Lummus Technology and SEPC is set to make significant strides in the industry, reflecting a joint commitment to pioneering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. As the global demand for sustainable and efficient energy solutions grows, collaborations like these are crucial in shaping the future of the industrial and energy sectors.

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In conclusion, Lummus Technology’s involvement in SEPC’s expansion project in Al-Jubail is a testament to its expertise in delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions. This collaboration is not only a step forward for SEPC in enhancing its production capabilities but also a significant contribution to the industry’s move towards more sustainable and efficient processes.

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