Lee & Cates Glass auto glass business acquired by Safelite Group

Safelite Group, a US-based vehicle glass services and recalibration company, has acquired the assets of the Lee & Cates Glass auto glass business for an undisclosed price.

Based in Florida, Lee & Cates Glass was established in 1926 by Thomas D. Lee Sr. and Raymond H. Cates. The company is said to have grown into a full-service glass business with locations across Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Lee & Cates Glass is also said to have grown its services to include flat/residential glass.

Tom Feeney – president and CEO of Safelite Group said: “Like Safelite, they have a rich history steeped in a commitment and dedication to their people and the customers they serve. It’s a fantastic opportunity to leverage the skills and talents of this team, honor their legacy and strengthen our national footprint.”

Tom Feeney said that the acquisition also includes Lee & Cates Glass’ auto glass business and gives the latter the scope to invest further into their flat/residential operations.

Lee & Cates Glass is expected to make use of Safelite’s operational systems, advanced safety system expertise (recalibrations), distribution network, global purchasing power and also insurance and commercial relationships.

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