IQE plc expands partnership with AWSC in multi-year supply agreement


IQE plc, a leader in the production of compound semiconductor wafer products, has announced a significant expansion of its partnership with Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC) through a multi-year supply agreement. This deal will see IQE supplying Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafers to AWSC, which will be used in the manufacture of power amplifiers for smartphones. These amplifiers are destined for Lansus, a prominent Chinese RF technology provider, which supplies major Tier One OEMs within the Android ecosystem.

This strategic development comes at a time when the market is poised for growth after a period of inventory accumulation. IQE’s commitment to supplying high-quality GaAs wafers is set to bolster its position in the wireless markets and aligns with its strategies to enhance its presence in the Android sector.

IQE and AWSC have maintained a partnership for over twenty years, highlighting the enduring trust and collaboration between the two companies. This extended agreement not only reinforces the strong relationship but also underscores IQE’s expertise in the field of compound semiconductors.

Americo Lemos, CEO of IQE, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, noting, “IQE is expanding its Wireless addressable market into the Android ecosystem. We are delighted with our successful partnership with AWSC and look forward to continuing as a trusted partner and growing our business together.” Similarly, Eric Huang, President of AWSC, affirmed the partnership’s value, stating, “We are pleased to be building upon our relationship with IQE, a longstanding and valued partner. The quality of IQE’s products and expertise of its teams make it the ideal choice as we focus on delivering products of the highest standards to our customers on time.”

The extension of this partnership between IQE and AWSC is a strategic move that capitalizes on the expected market recovery in the smartphone sector. By focusing on high-demand components like GaAs wafers for power amplifiers, IQE not only solidifies its role as a key player in the semiconductor industry but also strategically positions itself to tap into the expansive growth opportunities within the Android ecosystem.

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