Infosys launches Infosys LaborForce PaaS unemployment insurance solution


Infosys said that its US-based subsidiary Infosys Public Services has launched a cloud-native unemployment insurance solution called Infosys LaborForce.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) unemployment insurance (UI) system has been built on the Salesforce Platform. It has been designed as a tax, benefits, appeals, and workforce solution for supporting state governments in developing digital and resilient UI systems.

According to Infosys, the customer-centric solution provides the US states with advanced customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics capabilities, a lesser long-term cost of ownership, and higher resiliency, that can lead to better experiences for the US workforce.

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Infosys Public Services is said to have built Infosys LaborForce for addressing the problems with state unemployment and workforce systems.

By tapping the rapid low-code development capabilities of Salesforce, the PaaS unemployment insurance system is said to help states in adding new features and functionalities at speed as well as scale.

Infosys launches Infosys LaborForce PaaS unemployment insurance solution

Infosys launches Infosys LaborForce PaaS unemployment insurance solution. Photo courtesy of Infosys Limited.

Tyler Prince — Salesforce Worldwide Alliances and Channels Executive Vice President said: “Partners are critical to extending the power of Salesforce across industries – including the public sector. We’re proud to see partners like Infosys build innovative solutions to make state workforce programs for citizens even better.”

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Infosys LaborForce provides automated case management, advanced fraud prevention and detection, and citizen-centric user experiences. States can choose to implement Infosys LaborForce in its entirety or deploy individual modules that best fit their needs.

The PaaS unemployment insurance solution from Infosys can be fully implemented or deployed through individual modules by states based on what fits their requirements.

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Eric Paternoster — Infosys Public Services President and CEO said: “Unemployment Insurance systems are critical to the infrastructure of the U.S. workforce. But over the past decade, too often we have seen these systems struggle to support the requirements of our constantly evolving workforce, public policies, and citizen expectations.

“The agility of the Salesforce Platform opens up enormous potential for Infosys LaborForce and our National Labor Practice to help states innovate and better support the needs of their citizens.”

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