How Does A Human Fetus Develop?

Stages of Development of Human Fetus

Stages of Development of Human Fetus

Stages of development of human fetus from three months

  • Three months: At three months, the fetus is distinctly shaped. The fingers and toes are well outlined, and the eyelids are fully formed.
  • Four months: By four months, the fetus is lengthened in size, but it is not changed otherwise in appearance.
  • Five months: By five months, the first fetal movements are observed generally. Fine hair begins to grow on scalp and forehead. A delicate network of arterial circulation is observed when the fetus is injected with an opaque material.
  • Six months: Rapid growth of fetus occurs during this period. The body will be covered by fine hair and a protective oily secretion.
  • Seven months: The fetal skeleton is virtually complete and the digestive and nervous systems are well advanced.
  • At Eighth and Nineth months, the fetus develops rapidly and movement of the baby can be felt.
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