General Mills launches high-protein cereal Wheaties Protein to fuel modern athletes


This spring, Wheaties, the iconic cereal brand known for celebrating athletic achievements, is expanding its product line with the introduction of Wheaties Protein. Boasting more than 20 grams of protein per serving, Wheaties Protein represents the highest protein offering in the cereal aisle to date. Manufactured by General Mills, Wheaties builds on its legacy as the brand that has been “powering champions” since 1921, now catering not only to record-breaking athletes but to everyday champions—from marathon runners to busy parents.

Nutritional Benefits and Target Audience:

Wheaties Protein is designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for protein-rich breakfast options that support an active lifestyle. Nicole Ayers, Business Unit Director for Wheaties, emphasized the cereal’s appeal to modern athletes striving to improve their daily performance. “Wheaties has honored world-class athletes on our iconic orange boxes for more than 100 years, and we are introducing Wheaties Protein to serve today’s modern athletes who are striving to be better every day,” Ayers stated. The new cereal variant aims to provide a substantial morning protein boost to help consumers reach their fitness and health goals.

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Flavors and Ingredients:

Available in two delicious flavors, Maple Almond and Honey Pecan, Wheaties Protein includes hearty, nut-clustered whole grain flakes combined with almonds or pecans, pumpkin seeds, and sweetened with honey or maple syrup. This composition not only enhances the cereal’s nutritional profile but also its taste and texture, offering a crunchy and satisfying breakfast option.

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Availability and Pricing:

Wheaties Protein will initially be available at select Walmart stores later this month and is expected to hit shelves at retailers nationwide by spring. The suggested retail price is set at $8.99, positioning Wheaties Protein as a premium option in the cereal market.

The launch of Wheaties Protein is a significant development in the breakfast food market, reflecting General Mills’ responsiveness to consumer trends towards healthier, protein-rich diets. By leveraging its storied brand heritage and focusing on nutritional benefits, Wheaties is well-positioned to attract a broad audience looking for convenient, nutritious options that support an active lifestyle.

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