FOX Sports launches free sports prediction game FOX Sports Super 6 in US, offers significant cash prizes


Fox Sports Media, a division of the Fox Broadcasting Company, has launched a new free-to-play sports prediction game FOX Sports Super 6 in the US to provide players with a chance to win a significant amount of money every week.

In addition, FOX Sports Super 6 offers fans a chance to compete against hall of famer Terry Bradshaw for more than $250,000 a week this fall.

With jackpot prizes up to $250,000 in cash, fans can enter multiple contests every week and start playing by choosing the team that they think wins and the corresponding margin of victory within predefined ranges or answering six multiple-choice questions.

FOX Sports Super 6

Free sports prediction game FOX Sports Super 6 launched in the US by FOX Sports. Photo courtesy of FOX Sports Interactive Media, LLC.

FOX Sports Super 6 offers two NFL games and a college football game — Super 6 NFL Sunday, TNF Super 6 and College Football Saturday Super 6.

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Super 6 NFL Sunday will offer players a chance to win up to $250,000 if they correctly select all six picks while smaller guaranteed cash prizes are announced in case no player correctly selects all six picks.

TNF Super 6 will provide fans with a chance to win $25,000 in guaranteed prizes by answering six multiple-choice prediction questions about the upcoming Thursday Night Football game, across the 13-game TNF schedule across FOX and NFL Network.

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The players of College Football Saturday Super 6 can win thousands of dollars each week by picking the winning team and by how many points.

Mark Silverman – president, National Networks, FOX Sports said: “FOX Sports Super 6 brings our unique and entertaining Fox attitude and our unrivaled talent to this fun free-to-play game.

“The FOX Sports Super 6 app will heighten the excitement of watching live sports while simultaneously deepening our viewers’ engagement with our brand.”

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The FOX Sports Super 6 app is now available for download in the App Store and the Play Store.

Robin Chhabra – chief corporate development officer, The Stars Group said: “These awesome free-to-play games will get fans closer to the sports they love, competing against FOX Sports stars to win huge prizes.

“The FOX Sports Super 6 app offers a quick, simple and fun experience that we think sports fans here will love, just like they do in other countries where we run them.”

FOX Sports Super 6, which is not available within the Washington State, is expected to add more sports.

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