Foldax partners with Dolphin Life Science India for TRIA heart valve manufacturing


In a significant development for cardiac care, Foldax Inc., a leading innovator in the field of polymer heart valve technology, has announced a manufacturing agreement with Dolphin Life Science India LLP. This partnership marks the first time the TRIA polymer mitral surgical heart valve will be manufactured outside of the United States, signaling a major step forward in global cardiac healthcare accessibility.

The deal is positioned at the forefront of this announcement, highlighting the strategic collaboration aimed at enabling in-country manufacturing capabilities for the TRIA heart valve in India. This initiative is not just a business venture; it’s a leap towards improving the lives of millions suffering from rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in India, where the need for durable and patient-friendly heart valve alternatives is pressing.

The TRIA valve, renowned for its innovative design, is engineered to accommodate the unique anatomy and pressures of the mitral position in the heart. It leverages Foldax Inc.’s proprietary material, LifePolymer, to offer a solution intended to resist calcification, endure the heart’s rigorous demands, and enhance patient quality of life without the necessity for lifelong anticoagulant use. This represents a paradigm shift in heart valve technology, moving away from traditional animal-based tissue valves towards a more sustainable, precise, and quality-focused manufacturing process.

Foldax Inc.’s Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Ryan Stanfield, emphasized the partnership’s role in accelerating the commercial availability of the TRIA valve in India, underscoring the collaborative effort to address the urgent needs of RHD patients in the region. Mukesh Chovatiya, Managing Director of Dolphin Life Science India, echoed this sentiment, expressing honor in joining forces with Foldax to introduce this cutting-edge manufacturing capability to India.

The collaboration has been welcomed by the medical community, including Dr. Kaushal Pandey, who noted the significant demand for reliable heart valve alternatives in India. The TRIA valve’s introduction is seen as a beacon of hope for those requiring heart valve replacements, promising enhanced durability and patient acceptance compared to existing options.

While the TRIA heart valve and LifePolymer technology remain investigational and are not yet available for commercial sale in the U.S. or other regions, this partnership signifies a crucial step towards global accessibility and innovation in cardiac care. Dolphin Life Science India LLP brings to the table its expertise in medical device manufacturing, further bolstered by its registration with India’s top regulatory bodies, ensuring that the venture is grounded in quality and compliance.

This collaboration between Foldax Inc. and Dolphin Life Science India LLP is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of heart disease patients, not just in India but potentially around the world, as it sets a precedent for innovative, accessible, and sustainable cardiac care solutions.

The partnership between Foldax Inc. and Dolphin Life Science India LLP represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of heart valve technology. By bringing the manufacturing of the TRIA polymer heart valve to India, this initiative promises not only to meet the immediate needs of patients but also to catalyze further innovation in the field of cardiac care. The focus on a polymer-based solution is particularly noteworthy, offering a promising alternative to traditional valve replacement options and highlighting the potential for significant advancements in patient outcomes and quality of life.

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