Flood watches and tornado warnings: The storm system’s trail of terror


In a terrifying turn of events, the storm system responsible for unleashing deadly tornadoes in the Southern US is now wreaking havoc as it moves eastward. More than 50 million people in the Northeast find themselves in the crosshairs of this menacing weather system, with flood watches declared on Sunday afternoon. The Northeast is bracing for an onslaught of extremely heavy rain, threatening widespread chaos and destruction.

As this ruthless line of storms barrels east, their strength remains alarming. Meteorologists warn of a continued threat of severe storms, including the potential for more tornadoes and devastating winds, spreading fear and anxiety towards the East Coast.

The tornado watch that loomed over parts of Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida panhandle Sunday morning, as reported by the National Weather Service, follows a trail of destruction where six lives were lost in Tennessee on Saturday. Dozens more were injured as the tornadoes touched down, leaving a path of devastation.

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An observed tornado tore through the southern suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, around 12:45 p.m. ET, further amplifying the climate of fear. This occurred just before the tornado watch in the region expired, but the severe weather threats are far from over, extending into parts of the Carolinas.

Deadly Tornadoes Unleash Havoc in the South: Northeast Braces for Impact

Deadly Tornadoes Unleash Havoc in the South: Northeast Braces for Impact

Wilmington and Greenville in North Carolina face a heightened risk of experiencing the strongest storms. Major cities like Jacksonville, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., are also under threat of these fierce storms. Over 50 million people from Virginia to Maine are now under a flood watch, facing the wrath of torrential downpours.

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In a bizarre twist, areas in New England, recently blanketed in snow, are now expecting warm rain that could trigger rapid snowmelt, exacerbating the flood threat. The NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Baltimore Ravens is expected to be drenched in rain, with lightning adding to the drama.

By Sunday evening, the storm is predicted to hover over Jacksonville, Tampa, and stretch up the Georgia coast into South Carolina. The flood threat intensifies, peaking Sunday night with severe ponding on roads and gusty winds up to 50 mph, turning driving conditions nightmarish.

The New York City area through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and into Maine, are particularly vulnerable to flooding. Come Monday morning, the East Coast from Atlanta to Boston and Maine will be deluged with heavy rain, with snowfall anticipated on the backside of this system.

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At least 26 tornadoes have been reported from this storm system between Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday alone witnessing 21 tornadoes in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama. These tornadoes were not only numerous but also large, powerful, and destructively efficient.

The aftermath of the tornadoes in Tennessee is grim, with six fatalities and at least 36 injured. The National Weather Service will be conducting surveys to assess the full impact of these tornadoes.

This storm system is a relentless force of nature, moving across the US, leaving a trail of destruction and fear in its wake. As it moves out by Monday evening, only the chilling remnants of lake-effect snow will linger, a stark reminder of its ferocity and power.

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