First BrahMos missile export to Philippines marks milestone in India’s defense industry


In a landmark move for its defense export capabilities, India is set to deliver the first BrahMos missile to the Philippines this Friday, enhancing the Southeast Asian nation’s coastal defense capabilities. The missile, part of a $375 million deal signed in January 2022 between BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd and the Philippine Marine Corps, is the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile and represents a significant milestone in defense collaboration between the two countries.

The BrahMos missile, jointly developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyeniya, embarked on its journey from Nagpur, India. It is being transported via an Indian Air Force (IAF) C-17 Globemaster, accompanied by three civilian freight liners that carry additional parts and support systems. This delivery is pivotal in bolstering the Philippine Marine Corps’ coastal defense regiment.

Today, the BrahMos missile boasts up to 85 percent of its components manufactured in India, underscoring the country’s commitment to self-reliance and indigenous defense production. This successful export not only highlights India’s technological prowess but also positions it prominently on the global defense export map. With defense exports reaching Rs 21,083 crore (approximately US$ 2.63 billion) in FY 2023-24, India recorded a remarkable 32.5 percent growth from the previous year, solidifying its status as a key player in the international defense market.

The export of the BrahMos missile is a testament to India’s growing role as a major defense exporter, reflecting its advanced technological capabilities and strengthening diplomatic ties. This milestone is expected to pave the way for further defense exports and collaborations, enhancing India’s strategic partnerships globally. The strengthening of defense ties between India and the Philippines also highlights a mutual commitment to security and development in the region, setting a precedent for future international defense cooperation.

In conclusion, the shipment of the first BrahMos missile to the Philippines is not just a transaction; it symbolizes the evolution of India’s defense industry and its rising stature as a dependable supplier of sophisticated armaments on the global stage. This development is expected to open up new avenues for India in the defense export arena, promoting its vision of becoming a leading player in the global defense sector.

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