Earthquake shakes Disneyland: Thrills turn to chills as rides close down


In a startling turn of events, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Southern California were jolted when a minor earthquake on Monday, December 4, prompted the temporary closure of 35 rides. The 3.5-magnitude earthquake struck Fullerton in Orange County, just 2 miles from the parks, creating a buzz among the visitors. Following the quake and a subsequent lighter aftershock, the theme parks took swift action as a safety measure, leading to a significant number of ride closures.

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Visitor Experiences During the Seismic Event

Guests at the theme parks experienced unexpected interruptions, particularly those eager to enjoy popular attractions like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Even special holiday attractions and newly opened features faced shutdowns, much to the disappointment of park-goers. Napa photographer Elise Delamare, caught in the moment, shared on Instagram about the sudden pause while in line for Winnie The Pooh. The theme parks’ employees were seen evacuating guests from rides as part of their safety protocols.

Minor Earthquake Leads to Temporary Closure of 35 Rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Minor Earthquake Leads to Temporary Closure of 35 Rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Post-Earthquake Operations at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

The Disneyland app indicated that by 9 p.m. Monday night, the majority of attractions had ceased operations, leaving only a handful open for visitors. Fans of Disney California Adventure also found their favorite rides like the Incredicoaster and Radiator Springs Racers temporarily out of service. Fortunately, by Tuesday afternoon, most rides resumed normal functioning, with a few exceptions still undergoing safety checks.

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This seismic event, while minor, highlights the importance of safety protocols in such large entertainment venues. The swift response by the park staff ensured guest safety, exemplifying the parks’ commitment to providing secure and enjoyable experiences even amidst unforeseen natural occurrences.

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