DigitalReef merges with Gamers Club to create next-gen gaming platform Siprocal


DigitalReef, a mobile and connected TV operator, has merged with Gamers Club, a Latin American gaming community hub, to create a next-gen gaming distribution and engagement platform.

The combined entity, dubbed Siprocal, is anticipated to drive gaming distribution, engagement, and monetization all over the Americas, disrupting the estimated $360 billion gaming and digital media market.

Siprocal is also expected to enhance value for partners, brands, publishers, and consumers through access to DigitalReef’s carrier/OEM distribution partnerships, thereby supporting more than 580 million registered, 240 million six-month active, and 130 million monthly active users.

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Furthermore, Siprocal is hoped to offer robust user engagement through a combination of Gamers Club’s solutions for all gaming related functionality.

Ari Segal — Siprocal CEO and formerly Gamers Club Executive Chairman said: “The merger of these two leading companies illustrates the increasing prominence, relevance, and necessity of linking technology and media to gaming.

“I’m excited to work alongside of and continue building an industry-leading team to take advantage of this moment in time to drive Siprocal’s growth through the thoughtful pursuit of consumer engagement, monetization and immersive media experiences – in a way that, as our name suggests, enables two-way value creation with our partners and customers.”

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Siprocal will be directed by technology, digital media, and gaming experts including Steve Cohen, Chief Strategy Officer of AEG and Executive Vice President of The Anschutz Corporation, and the newly appointed Board Chair of Siprocal.

Steve Cohen said: “Siprocal is a first of its kind, next generation platform that bridges the needs of multiple key stakeholders and end users in the gaming and mobile media spaces.

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“Connecting mobile carriers and OEMs to game studios and publishers, brands to customers, users, and subscribers, Siprocal is uniquely positioned to meet each party in the time and place that is most convenient and relevant driving meaningful results and experiences.”

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