DiGiSPICE Technologies launches CPaaS solutions provider Korero Platforms

DiGiSPICE Technologies, an Indian technology company, has launched Korero Platforms, a new communication platform‐as‐a‐ service (CPaaS) solutions provider for enterprises.

Korero Platforms will work with enterprises in achieving their digital transformation by leveraging the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the connected customer experience.

As a business unit of DiGiSPICE Technologies, Korero Platforms will utilize the former’s global footprint and vast experience in operating technology and content focused platforms and solutions for public and also private enterprises.

DiGiSPICE Technologies claimed that enterprise customers that will use Korero Platforms’ CPaaS offerings are likely to get 20‐25% higher RoI in their marketing campaigns, while cutting down the cost of engagement with clients by 30%.

DiGiSPICE Technologies launches CPaaS solutions provider Korero Platforms

DiGiSPICE Technologies launches CPaaS solutions provider Korero Platforms. Photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

The CPaaS offerings are said to offer a safe, secure, intelligent, interactive, and reliable conversation platform that is two‐way.

The differentiated market offerings of Korero Platforms will enable enterprises in creating, controlling, and maximizing the performance of their campaigns. The AI tools will further drive the customer lifetime value by automating the flow of communications.

Dilip Modi – Founder, Korero Platforms and Spice Money said: “Businesses today are interacting with different stakeholders, who prefer different channels of communication. Touchpoints are increasing, conversational channels are rising and user behaviors are evolving.

“Enterprises have to thus, keep pace with changing communication trends while at the same time keeping their costs in check. Through DiGiSPICE’s 20-year rich experience, we identified the need of enterprise customers, upcoming start‐ups and next‐gen marketers, for an omni ‐channel communication platform‐as‐a‐service offering to drive superior customer engagement.”

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