Shockwaves in Ankara: Unbelievable attack moments caught on tape!


In a horrific event, two suicide bombers targeted the vicinity of the Turkish Parliament and the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Ankara earlier today. One terrorist was killed during the explosion while the swift action of security forces neutralized the other.

A day of terror in broad daylight!

According to Minister Ali Yerlikaya, around 9.30am, the assailants approached the entrance of Turkey’s Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Security in a commercial vehicle. The explosion resulted in injuries to two police officers due to the ensuing fire. Local media subsequently reported hearing gunshots in the same vicinity after the explosion.

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Footage sparks frenzy online!

Social media platforms went ablaze with a viral CCTV clip showing the exact moment of the devastating blast near the Turkish parliament. The timing of this gruesome act was significant as lawmakers were gearing up to reconvene after their summer hiatus, marking the first such disturbance in Ankara since 2016.

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Emergency response teams flood the scene!

Broadcasts showed bomb squads meticulously inspecting vehicles in the vicinity. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, didn’t hold back, vehemently condemning the perpetrators. He passionately conveyed that such villains who dare to threaten the peace and well-being of his citizens would never see their aims fulfilled.

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Strengthened security and media curbs!

In light of this terror act, there was a reported uptick in security measures across the city, including road closures and deployment of special operations police. The state-run Anadolu news agency shed light on recent regulations, revealing that media access and publication concerning the attack have been restricted, a move aimed at curbing disinformation.

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