Colon Cleansing tips : Effective ways to cleanse your colon


Toxins may build up in the colon and restrict it from functioning properly. If they are not removed, it may lead to several diseases like gall bladder stones, skin allergies, heart disease and liver disorders.

Given below are the ways to cleanse your colon

Fresh Yogurt

Lemon Water Health Benefits

Lemon Water Health Benefits . Photo courtesy of jackthumm/

Eating fresh yogurt daily is beneficial as the good bacteria in yogurt fight bad bacteria. Yogurt is also rich in calcium that protects the cell wall of the colon.

Boil water by adding sea salt in it and drink this water on empty stomach in the morning. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Drink fresh vegetable juice that aids in bowel movement. Avoid processed foods.

Warm water mixed with lemon juice, salt and honey is good for colon. This will thin the mucus in the bowel.

Flax seeds are rich in fiber and essential fats and are effective in cleansing the colon. So consume flaxseeds.

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